Krzysztof Rumanowski
Web Technologies

Mainly server and network administrator with a bit of pentesting and development experience

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Linux Server administration: 9/10

Network managment: 9/10

System and network pentesting: 7/10

HTML: 10/10

CSS: 9/10

PHP: 8/10

Git: 7/10

QuickBuild: 7/10

Klocwork: 5/10

Groovy: 5/10

Build System Administration: 6/10

Bash: 8/10

C: 7/10

C++: 7/10

Databases: 8/10

Analog and radio communication: 5/10

Windows Server Administration: 5/10

Hardware repairs on many levels: 8/10

Basic info

Krzysztof Rumanowski

Rumia, Poland

Languages: Polish (native speaker) and English


2018-2018 Solwit SA / Intel Technology Poland

I was an administrator of Intel iRST Build System. Working with devs to resolve any build issues, merge and rebase branches. Also I've been working with QuickBuild, BuildLab, Klocwork and iLab to upkeep building system runing on about 40 Linux and Windows Server machines

2016-2018 Nowatel Sp. z o.o.

I was working in implementation and technical maintenance department. My work consisted of managing Linux servers and networks plus managing php and java based applications.

2010 - 2016 Freelancer

I was working mainly on maintaining and creating Linux based servers and networks.

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+48 728-570-180